INTRO- At Kid Dream Booster HUB, we're all about safeguarding your child's privacy. Our Privacy Policy is here to guide you through how we gather, use, and share information from children under thirteen on our website, mobile site, app, or widget (each, a “Company Service”). We'll also fill you in on the rights parents have concerning their kids’ personal info. 🛡️

CONTENT- The stuff we display on our website and app, including what we use for contests. 🖼️

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION FROM CHILDREN- We only gather info from kids during their sign-up process for our contests. 🧒🔍

USE AND DISCLOSURE- We use the info we collect from and about a child to provide our Services and make things better, like improving their experience with relevant content and offering customer support. But remember, always double-check any info you find here before making decisions as a parent or teacher. 🚀

SECURITY- We take serious steps to protect the info we have against loss or unauthorized use, but no security is foolproof. 🔒

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION- We may update this policy to keep up with changes in tech or laws. We'll let you know if the changes are big and get your consent if needed. Also, please don't share sensitive info with us. 🔄

PARENTAL RIGHTS- If we start collecting info from kids during registration, parents will have access to that info. It's up to you to make sure our services meet your needs. 📋

CONTACT US- If you have any questions about our privacy policy, drop us a line at: Email: 📧

All fees are non-refundable. 💰

In case of any disputes, the organizer’s decision would be final and have to be followed by each and every member. ⚖️

Terms and Condition/Courier Charges

✔️Participation fees are non-refundable and non-adjustable under any circumstances. Only four participants can reschedule in emergencies.

✔️Participants unable to join live on the contest day will get a second and final chance on the same day.

✔️Only Hindi, English, and Sanskrit languages are allowed in the verbal activity contest. Tamil and Kannada are not permitted.

✔️Dance songs must be in Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, or Punjabi. Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi songs are not allowed. Tamil and Kannada songs are also not permitted.

✔️Only Zoom live participation is valid; no offline participation is allowed.

✔️📌📌Courier Fee(Paid by Participant)

✔️✔️Courier fee will be apply

395 Rs Courier fee will apply to All Winners/All Trophy eligible

495 Rs Courier fee will apply to Memento+ Trophy eligible

195 Rs Courier fee will apply to All Non-Winners

4 Contest Winner -No Courier Fee

7 Contest Participants- No Courier Fee

✔️Unpaid participant courier fees will result in prizes being canceled or put on hold.

✔️The organization reserves the right to publish participant and participant parent appearances, contest activities, prizes, and prize celebrations on their social media handles and in marketing materials without seeking permission from the parent.

✔️Any arguments, inappropriate chats, consistent requests for feedback on child participation, or allegations against other winners after the results may lead to participation cancellation, reporting to the child's school, and possible legal action against the parent.

✔️If the contest day is rescheduled by the organizers, participants will have the right to participate in any upcoming contest at their convenience, with no refunds provided.